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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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B.  Progress and Accomplishments

o The FY 1984 appropriation assisted the States with the funding of about
275 cooperative library projects involving over 30,000 libraries of all

o Because of the cost-sharing benefits derived from these projects, 24
States now provide State aid for such purposes, totaling $70 million in
FY 1984.

C.    Costs, Benefits and Effectiveness

Program Scope: Since 1967 when this program was initiated, over $94
mrillion in Federal funds have been expended for (a) projects linking
libraries through telecommunication systems to data bases, (b) re-
source-sharing projects not linked to automation, and (c) training of
library personnel to handle resource sharing and the technological
advances inherent in the more complex library networking.

Types of Benefits Provided: Project activities at the State and local
public library level are directed toward improving access to educational
and informational services offered by libraries. Specific items in
support of this objective might include: rapid communications systems
for linking libraries (computers, TWX, or telephones); delivery systems
(telefacsimile, trucks or mail); location tools (published or computer-
based lists of library holdings), computer-based information retrieval
and information processing systems; and the costs and fees associated with
these activities including the training of personnel.

Program Effectiveness:    No information is available.

D.    Plans for Program Improvement and Recommendation for Legislation
No funds were requested for this program for FY 1985.

E.    Supporting Studies and Analyses Cited in Section C Above:
1.    LSCA Grant Reports

F.    Other Supporting Data;


No further  studies   related  to  this  program  are   currently  in  progress.

Contacts for Further Information

Program operations:    Robert Klassen,  (202) 254-9664

Program studies:    Art Kirschenbaum, (202) 245-8307 98-480,